***Lake Gregory Water Quality Update***

We received notice that Lake Gregory has been moved to a “Danger” status due to the presence of blue-green algae in our water. 

Please keep children and animals away from the water.  For safety reasons, we recommend that you not allow your dogs to swim in the lake or drink water from it.

Thank you for your attention to this water quality safety update.


South Beach Swim & Waterpark – San Moritz Dr/South Parking Lot | 10am – 6pm | (Closed)

North Beach Rental Office & Personal Launches – 24171 Lake Drive CLOSED UNTIL MARCH OF 2020

San Moritz Lodge – 24640 San Moritz Drive | 9am – 1pm | (Open) Monday, Tuesday and Friday 

Waterslide & Splashpad –  Closed (Currently Under Renovations)





If you are looking for a unique outdoor waterplay experience in a breathtaking alpine forest, then Lake Gregory is for you. Surrounded by pine-forested mountains, historic water slides, award winning inflatable water play structures, lifeguards, lots of on-water pedal and paddle boats, cool and clean lake water, delicious snacks and a sandy beach. Lake Gregory is located in the “Swiss Alps of the West”, Crestline, in the San Bernardino Mountain’s historic and scenic Valley of the Moon, perfect for sunbathing, making sand castles, water play, or just a romantic stroll beside the lake.



Bring your Special Event to Lake Gregory!

From the San Moritz Lodge to the Covered Picnic Shelters, Lake Gregory offers several different locations perfectly suited for every type of event.