Lake Gregory Recreation


Per Keith Lee, Regional Parks Director, “The recommendation to outsource the park is primarily based on significant actual operating losses experienced over the past fiscal years: a net loss of $798,435 during 2010-11, and a net loss of $632,734 during 2011-12.”

Per Rick Dinon, Chair of the Lake Gregory Improvement Committee, “Not only had Lake Gregory not shown a profit for four years, Regional Parks was subsidizing it with revenue generated by other parks.”

In short, the “free” Lake Gregory was costing taxpayers approximately $1.4 million over two short years and taking funds from other parks to keep it open.

Yes. All San Bernardino County Regional Parks (except Moabi and Calico) charge an annual vehicle entrance fee of $190, according to the county website. In 2013, San Bernardino County instituted a parking fee for Lake Gregory, but could not enforce it at the time. Under a contractual agreement with San Bernardino County Regional Parks, we are required to enforce the parking fees. Lake Gregory’s annual parking pass offers significant savings if you visit often. The parking fees are used to pay for our lifeguards, gate attendants, serving staff, beach staff, and other seasonal staff–many of which are local Crestline and Lake Arrowhead students.

To park: Lake Gregory is a self-service parking lot like almost all state parks. Simply complete the short contact information with payment, detach stub to put on your dashboard, and deposit the envelope in the “Fee Tube” provided.

One calendar year. January 1 to December 31.
No. Doing so will result in the confiscation of the parking pass at the owner’s expense. Refunds will not be given.
Dogs are allowed on the trails and the dog park. For all of our guest’s safety, only certified service animals are allowed in the beach areas. Under the ADA, a service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.  The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person’s disability. Emotional/companion “Service” animals are not permitted on the beach and not recognized by the ADA as service animals. Dogs are not allowed to swim in the lake.
Yes. Approximate cost to retrieve your towed vehicle is $450. All guests are given a generous grace period to move their vehicles or pay for parking before being towed.
No. Not a single cent. In fact, we lose money and customers every single time a guest gets towed. Everyone loses when someone does not pay their parking fee.
Believe it. It is unethical and probably illegal to provide parking spaces and be compensated for towing vehicles.
As much as we would like to offer a local discount, it’s against the law. Per San Bernardino County Regional Parks, offering different fee rates based on residence, race, gender, etc. is discrimination and not allowed. However, we do offer annual passes which saves a lot of money for those that visit often, like Crestline locals.

“The local discount isn’t legally possible. Since support for the lake comes from all county taxpayers. To give one group of taxpayers discount over other groups is deemed to be discriminatory.” Rick Dinon, Chair of the Lake Gregory Improvement Committee

No. Doing so will result in the confiscation of the annual pass at the owner’s expense. Refunds will not be given.
Yes, there’s a small fee. Just like other county parks. 100% of the fishing access fees go to the administration and restocking of fish for the fishing access program on Lake Gregory. We cover labor, the purchase of the fish, and supplies with the fees.

For example, let’s say 1,000lbs of fish is added to the lake and each fish weighs one pound. On average twenty fisherman visit per day and catch the California legal limit of five per day, per person. That’s 100 pounds of fish removed from the lake a day. In ten days, the lake would be gone of all the fish in the lake if we didn’t continually pay for fish stockings.

Both The Department of Fish & Wildlife (DOFW) and we stock the lake year round with fish. DOFW grows their own fish and we pay a private company for the fish plant. On average, the lake is stocked every 6 – 8 weeks by us and sporadically throughout the year by DOFW. In the summer months, the water gets too warm for trout planting, so it’s on-hold until the water cools.

A little secret here. The lake has a large amount of bass in it, but not many anglers fish this mountain lake for bass. When the water warms, and the trout are not as active, switch to fishing for bass, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Current fish prices are about $4.39 – $4.89 a pound (2019). We normally stock around 1,500lbs to 2,000lbs (approximately $9,750.00) for fishing derbies. We have approximately four (4) big fish stockings and three (3) smaller ones a year.

Monthly during the fall and winter months. Weekly when the swim beach is open. Lake Gregory has the cleanest water on the mountain.
Yes. We love Crestline and the surrounding communities! In 2014 and 2015 we proudly gave close to $200,000 annually in services, in-kind, and monetary donations to our local community.
48″ tall to go on the waterpark inflatable structures or the waterslides.
For your safety, you must wear a life jacket at all times while on the inflatable waterpark structures. A life jacket will be provided.

Gil Flores, PIO for the Sheriffs department who served on the Board of Directors for Little League stated, “the Little League board voted not to use the field and not Lake Gregory Recreation.

While we are disappointed with the Mountain Little League not utilizing the San Moritz Field, we are delighted that the league ultimately got the location and the facilities that the new Little League President was looking for.

At our first meeting with the new President, we made it clear that there would be baseball at the San Moritz fields, regardless of the leagues ability to pay. The fields were offered at zero cost to the league, and they could run the operation as they had in the past, with volunteers to install their outfield fence, mow the fields, provide trash and portable restrooms and provide janitorial  services, and operate the snack bar.

The only fee we were looking to cover was the monthly watering fee, which can run up to $2,000.00 for a month. We also attempted to work with the Little League President, to work with the local water district, in an attempt to get the water fees reduced.

The Little President made it clear, she was looking for a turnkey operation, with no volunteers, or parental assistance… unlike previous years. The President was also adamant that the parking fees be waived during games, something we CAN and WILLING to do, if the fields are reserved and rented as a special event.

The President again asked us for an amount, with the Lake Gregory Recreation Company providing all services, and making the fields exclusive for the Little League from March 28th to June 6th ( gates were to be installed at all field entrances to keep dogs and other potential users off the fields) The Lake Gregory Recreation Company provided a written contract to the President and board of the Little League to provide:

  • Exclusive Field use of two fields March 28th thru June 6th
  • New gated entrance to the fields
  • Parking fees waived during games
  • All watering, field fertilizing and reseeding
  • All trash collection and disposal
  • All supplies and maintenance of restroom facilities
  • Snack bar building
  • Lake Gregory Recreation Company providing, and paying all utility charges
  • Field mowing and maintenance
  • Install fencing owned by the little league
  • Donation of the San Moritz Lodge for a fund raiser

Total cost $6,000.00, far below the actual hard cost of providing the above services.

It is our belief, that the Little League then took our bid to provide services, to The Rim Parks District, in an effort to negotiate a better deal with them.

Ultimately The Rim Parks District ( which is funded with a special property tax, Measure N) was able to provide Four (4) fields, with lights and two snack bars for $3,000.00.

We could not compete with this tax funded number, and we could not provide four (4) fields or lights ,and the Little League made the decision to move to the Rim Parks District.

We went to great lengths in an attempt to keep the Little League at the San Moritz, but ultimately, they voted to move.

No personal BBQs are allowed inside or outside the gates. All guests are welcome to use the free standing BBQs here inside the park on a first come, first serve basis.  BBQs are located on both the north and south shores of the beach. Guests must provide their own charcoal and make sure to prepare food ahead of time as large knives are not allowed inside the park.


Outside alcohol is not permitted at Lake Gregory inside or outside the gates. We do however have a Beach Club bar open every Saturday and Sunday from 12-5:30pm.  On Fridays, the park is open, to the public from, 6:00pm to 9:30pm. This is for our weekly Beach Club with live music, food and drinks. Likewise, we only sell alcohol on Friday nights, during our free concert series.

For everyone’s safety, no glass is allowed inside or outside that gates at Lake Gregory. This includes glass soda bottles, salsa jars, baby food jars, etc.


We allow personal flotation devices, in the swim area, as long as the device does not have a cavity like chamber. For example, any blow up rafts that have one chamber. However, mesh seats and solid loungers are allowed.