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Outlet value open for first time
It has been a productive year for Lake Gregory and the upcoming state-mandated dam improvement work, with the county completing multiple supporting efforts in and surrounding the lake.
We began 2017 with the completion of the outlet pipe and valve installation at Houston Creek.  This project was unique as it required dive teams to inspect the tunnel, hydro blasting to enlarge the tunnel and the reconfiguring of two 18-inch pipes into one 30-inch pipe.  This will allow water to be discharged from the lake into Houston Creek when needed. It has the capability of lowering the lake by 50 percent within seven days as required by the State Division of Safety of Dams.  At the direction of the state, this outlet was first used to lower Lake Gregory by five feet.
Despite a lower water level, the swim beach remained open throughout a very successful summer season. During the first two weekends of June and the last two weekends of August, the County provided 50 percent-off deals for admission and waterslide/splash passes. This offer allowed families from all over the Inland Empire to escape the heat and enjoy a day on the lake.
Dredging deepened the lake and made the water clearer. More than 30,000 cubic yards of material was removed from the lake. Throughout this process, dredged material was stored near the San Moritz Lodge to allow it to drain and until a use for the material was determined.
To protect the lake from future sediment runoff, improvements were made to the Library Basin (west basin) and Houston Creek Channel. Trees and overgrown vegetation were removed from the Library Basin to allow for placement of a concrete weir and articulated block mat that will provide basin access for future maintenance.
Fortified side slopes and a creek bottom were installed at the Houston Creek Channel as well as a rock weir to retain upstream sediment and keep it from entering the lake. To accomplish this, soil cement, mat grass and slope protection were installed. Both the Library Basin and Houston Creek Channel improvements were completed on-time in November.
As part of the disposal plan for the dredged material, a portion of it will be used on County projects, a portion will be made available for public use, and the remaining amount will be hauled away as part of the project. The initial intent was to possibly use the dredged material in the buttressing of the dam. However, due to the amount of organic matter in the dirt, new source material has been identified and approved by the state to be used for the dam construction.

South Beach

Recently, the County received approval from the state to move forward on the construction of the Lake Gregory dam. The project is now open for competitive bids and a contractor will be selected in the first quarter of 2018. Construction is slated to begin at the beginning of next summer with completion expected in 2019.

Thank you for your support throughout 2017!

Happy Holidays!


Construction on Lake Gregory Dam Has Been Approved!

After receiving approval of its specifications and plans from the State Division of Safety of Dams (DSOD), the County will be moving forward on construction of the Lake Gregory Dam, which will keep the project on track for completion in 18 months.

This step allows San Bernardino County Special Districts and Regional Parks to seek bids from qualified contractors interested in the project. The contractor is expected to be selected and approved in the first quarter of 2018 and construction is expected to begin in late spring or early summer 2018 with an estimated completion date in late 2019.

“The County has reached a crucial milestone and we are on our way to finishing the dam,” said Second District Supervisor Janice Rutherford. “We are committed to completing the project as quickly as possible because it is essential to preserving and protecting Lake Gregory and its recreational and economic value to the mountain communities and the region.”

While the “high hazard dam” is being brought up to earthquake safety standards, every effort is being made to keep public inconvenience to a minimum. The lake’s beaches and swimming areas will remain open during construction and continue to serve as major attractions to tourists and the local community.

Special Plans Underway for Dredged Material

Big pile of dirt

Now that the County has received state approval to move forward with the Lake Gregory Dam project, the County is identifying other projects that will benefit from using a portion of the dirt that was dredged from the Lake.

Using a portion of the dredge material in this way will save money on other County projects. The County will update the community as soon as more information is available on the timeline of the buttress construction and the final plans and timeline for the dredge material.



Basin and Channel Work Completed

Houston Creek Channel cleared

All work on the Houston Creek Channel and the (library) west basin is complete, and it will help keep Lake Gregory clear from unwanted sediment runoff.

The Houston Creek Channel now has fortified side slopes and rock weirs to prevent erosion and capture upstream sediment.

In the west basin, overgrown vegetation was cleared, a concrete weir was built to capture and retain, and block mats were placed on top of the basin gravel bed to allow for maintenance access.

“The basin and channel projects are a commitment the County of San Bernardino has made to the community of Crestline to ensure this beautiful lake remains a jewel of the San Bernardino Mountains for years to come” said County Supervisor Janice Rutherford.

The project was completed on time and within budget, and will help block unwanted sediment runoff, keep lake water clear and reduce the need for dredging the lake in the future.

No Delaying the Dam

Concern has circled the Crestline area regarding the sediment pile adjacent to the San Moritz Lodge and its effect on the timeline of the Lake Gregory Dam Improvement Project.

The County of San Bernardino and Department of Special Districts has found an alternate material to be used in the buttress of the dam and is looking into a use for the dredged material.

The decision to not use locally sourced material will not pose a delay to the Lake Gregory Dam Improvement Project. At this time, the project is still on schedule to be completed in 2019.

Activities at Lake Gregory Last All Year Long


While it may be the off-season for the swim beach, activities at Lake Gregory last year-round.

Want to win a 2018 Lake Gregory parking pass? You can fish for it! Carp is the catch of the month as part of the fishing rewards program. Once you’ve caught a carp, take it to the boathouse between 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday through Sunday to be measured and weighed for a chance to win a parking pass.

Looking for Thanksgiving plans? Enjoy a hearty Thanksgiving dinner at the San Moritz lodge on November 23 from 12-4 p.m.

You will also have a chance to catch up on holiday shopping by joining us at the San Moritz Craft Fair on November 24-26.

To wrap up our November festivities, we invite the community to gather for the Lake Gregory Tree Lighting Ceremony on November 25.

For more information of these fall activities visit or call (909) 338-2233.



Basin Update

Significant headway has been made on both the west basin nearest to the library and the Houston Creek channel adjacent to the San Moritz Lodge.

Improvements to the Houston Creek channel are nearly complete. Since the last update, vegetation has been removed and soil cement has been placed. With the completion of soil cement placement, mat grass and slope protection work are being scheduled. Once the mat grass is laid, a four-foot fence will be reinstalled.

An articulating block mattress is being installed on the west basin floor. The block mattress, which sits on the gravel layer, will allow access for basin maintenance in the future.

Construction work on the Houston Creek Channel and the Library Basin are still on schedule to be completed in November.

Basin Construction - Crane dropping materials Basin Construction - Laying concrete Basin Construction - freshly tractored

Don't burn wood with bark beetle!

Don’t Spread the Bark Beetle

Please be aware that the chopped wood that has been wrapped and set aside in areas where dead trees are being removed from around the lake is not for public consumption. The diseased trees have been cut down because they are infested with bark beetles and contain larval forms which can hatch and spread the pest as they look for a new living host tree.

The wood has been wrapped to contain the bark beetles and prevent the pest from infesting more trees in our community. When the infested wood is moved around and used to burn, bark beetles can be unsuspectingly released and gravitate towards alternate vegetation. To help curb the infestation, we are asking that the public refrain from taking and burning any infested wood.

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October 13, 2017
Basin Update

Basin projects are underway at Lake Gregory. To protect the lake water from sediment runoff, work is being done on the basins at the western and eastern tributaries leading to the lake. All work is confined to the west side of Lake Gregory Drive nearest to the library and the Houston Creek channel near San Moritz.

Trees and vegetation have been removed from the west basin that sits in front of the library and a concrete weir, a horizontal barrier that runs along the basin, will be added to retain sediment and reduce the need for future lake dredging. Once the west basin has been cleared, articulated block mats will be placed at the bottom to rest on the gravel base. These mats will allow access to the basin for future maintenance.

The basin work at the Houston Creek channel (that runs parallel to the San Moritz Lodge) will include fortifying the side slopes and creek bottom with rock protection to define the water course. Rock weirs will be established within the channel to capture and retain upstream sediment and keep it from entering the lake.

Both basin projects are on-schedule. The parking lot adjacent to the skate park will continue to be closed until project completion. Any audible construction equipment noise is being confined to workday hours of 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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